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What is the posted fine for damaged chromebooks?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Poplarville School District requires that the technology use/insurance fee be paid before the deployment of technology to your child. The technology use/insurance cost is $30.00 annually for each device. Each accident claim, after the first, covered by insurance, will be assessed an incremental deductible within the current school year. The first claim deductible will be $0 with the deductible increasing to $20.00 plus 25% of repair/replacement cost for the second claim made and $20.00 plus 50% of the repair/replacement cost for the third claim made within the current school year. Any additional claims after the 3rd will require full payment of the repair/replacement.

Insurance/Damage Fees

Annual Technology Use/Insurance Fee Due at Registration

$30 per device

1st Accidental Damage


#2 Accidental Damage

$20 + 25% of repair/replacement cost

#3 Accidental Damage

$20 + 50% of repair/replacement cost

Any additional occurrences of Accidental Damage

Full repair/replacement costs

Any occurrences Malicious/Intentional Damage

Full repair/replacement costs

Lost or Intentionally Damaged Device and Accessories:
A device or any of its accessories that are lost (whereabouts unknown) or damaged are the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian involved in the loss of property. The user will not be given another device or accessory to use until the replacement cost of the lost/damaged device or accessory is paid to the school.

Replacement Fees

Replacement of Student Chromebook


Replacement of Case


Replacement of Power Cord (no partial replacement)


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